Two Inquisitive Girls - Delphine and Nathaly

♥ 1780

The first thing you notice about this video is how playful Delphine and Nathaly are with each other–they clearly like each other, and they clearly like girls. Nathaly lets the camera darts over Delphine's face, breasts and pussy, but Nathaly is teasing her, and they are both giggling. We get the view your tongue would get if you were eating Delphine out–it caresses her clit (and she has a really beautiful clit, with well defined labia and a pretty clitoral hood). And you can tell that Delphine is having fun, because she keeps looking at the display to see what she looks like close up, when the camera finally does take that deep dive into her vagina, you can see that she is really wet (and that she is as fascinated as we are by the inside of her cunt). We usually see the pussy-cam going into a closed pussy, so its even more fun when Delphine spreads herself open with both hands and Nathaly plunges the camera into an already-open hole. And we're not sure who likes Delphine's pussy more–us or Nathaly